The 5 Best Ways to Hold a Cell Phone While Running

Best Ways to Hold a Cell Phone While Running

Best Ways to Hold a Cell Phone While Running 

 Running with a cell phone is no easy feat. Despite there being numerous ways to store the device, most people find it an inconvenience. It’s something they have to consider every time they step out the door to embark on a run.  However, leaving it behind isn’t an option either.  Cell phones not only serve as a portable music player, but a performance meter, and a safety device. Therefore, it’s no wonder most people won’t leave home without it.  However, any mishap and a daily run can turn into a hefty expense. Therefore, it’s important to know the best ways to hold a cell phone while running before risking that highly valuable and important device!  


Waist Band Lining or Sports Bra 

 From the evolution of the portable CD player to the all-in-one cell phone of today, stashing electrical devices in undergarments is nothing new. This cheap and convenient option is one of the most common ways people handle their devices when they’re on the go, especially when running. It doesn’t require making a purchase or finding a product.  It’s simple and convenient.  

However, it’s the not the most secure.    

Putting a phone next to the skin isn’t good for the phone or the skin. The phone will quickly become submerged in sweat, possibly causing problems with the electronics and making it too slippery to hold. This often leads to the device being dropped.    

Additionally, having a device pushed up against the skin in a high-pressure location can mean painful chafing and unwanted marks. Therefore, most people eventually find it’s best to avoid any skin on phone contact.  

Cell Phone Armband 

 Perhaps the most common way to carry a cell phone while running is on the arm.  This is because it’s both convenient and secure.  The phone isn’t bouncing against the body or full of sweat. It’s in a protective case where it can be easily accessed. The cost for one of these cases are minimal and they can be found nearly anywhere.  

However, this comes at a cost: restriction.  They need to stay snug to the arm to work. This can be uncomfortable and unforgiving.  Having a large armband also means unwanted tan lines and sweaty and chafed arms in the heart of summer. Additionally, if listening to music with a set of headphones connected to the phone, the cable can bounce across the arm, shoulder, and could yank the set from a runner’s ears. The arms move side to side a lot when someone runs, this movement often makes it hard to run with a set of headphones, unless the runner picks up another expense for a wireless headphone set.  

Thankfully, there are better alternatives.   

Held in the Hand 

Believe it or not, many people have no problem running with their phone in hand.  Whether they’re running one mile or ten miles, they’ll grip it with their life as long as they know it’s convenient. This also means no unwanted tan lines and chafing from armbands or undergarments.  It’s also cheap.  

However, what if it rains? How does it work if the phone is really large? Should a person be worried about dropping it? 

 Most people, if presented with a better solution, would prefer to not run for hours gripping a cell phone. It’s unsecure. It’s annoying. It’s full of sweat.  Not to mention, one trip, slip, or drop and that expensive device is gone. This way of holding it also creates a lot of movement, creating the same problems the cell phone arm holder does.  

That’s why it’s usually recommended to have the device constrained in some sort of protective case to keep it from breaking when an accident happens.  


In a Backpack 

 Backpacks are a great solution for carrying around devices, water, and extra clothes for those longer journeys.  However, most people who have tried running with a pack on their back have found little tolerance for the bouncing. Plus, it’s a pain in the back (literally).  

Although a backpack can seem like an appealing solution initially, most of the time it won’t work for runners. It can bounce, become sweaty, and cause incredible chafing.  

To mitigate this, it’s important to invest in a proper backpack. One that will fit snug, comfortably, and fit proportionally with the body.  The wrong backpack can offset the body’s center of balance, meaning added stress and increased risk of injury. This is why it’s vital to purchase a pack that is intended for running and not hiking or camping.  

A proper fitting backpack will have adjustable straps along the chest and waist to assure the product will fit snug.  It also needs to be lightweight while practical enough to secure gear. This generally means it’s going to be expensive.  

Although it can be a feasible option, it can be an expensive one that will still result in sweaty and messy situations.  

Rooster Wrap Cell Phone Holder 

 The RoosterWrap is the number one way athletes should be carrying their phones.  It’s combining the convenience of undergarments, with the security of an armband, and the fit of a backpack. That’s why it’s the all-in-one solution for holding a cell phone.  No more plastic screen protectors to deal with, or sweaty chafed skin. It’s convenient, secure, and flexible!

Here’s how the RoosterWrap works: it’s a strap system that allows people to securely and comfortably wear their cell phones on their chest. It’s comprised of two minimal and flexible straps that allow the phone to be tightly compressed against the body. It can be worn on top, or in between, layers of clothing.  This eliminates the effects of chafing and sweat. The flexible straps allow easy access to all of the phones features without worrying about dropping the device. The chest is also the area of the body with the least movement while running, meaning headphones and headphone cables with stay more stationary. If sending a text, taking a photo, or changing a song is necessary, all one needs to do is grab the phone and it’s ready to go.  The straps stay attached. 


The RoosterWrap is also incredibly affordable and will work with literally any phone.  Each RoosterWrap comes which an adjustable back patch, harness, and accessories.

Bringing a phone along on a run shouldn’t be inconvenient.  For most people, it’s a way to track distance, time, and progress. It’s also a lifeline in case of an accident and a radio for those who need entertainment.  Despite the risk, this makes bringing a cell phone along a smart and practical thing to do. There simply needs to be a practical way to carry it.   

That’s where RoosterWrap comes in.   Whether someone is piled thick in winter clothes or avoiding sweat in a simple tank top, RoosterWrap is the number one way to secure any mobile device when on the go. While there might be several ways to hold a cell phone while running, this is clearly one product that is the easiest, most secure, and most functional option. RoosterWrap is the hands-free cell phone harness and is the best way to run with a cell phone.  

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