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10 Scenarios Where You Need a Cell Phone Holder

Situations Where You Need a Cell Phone Holder 

Cell phones have become a daily necessity.  They’re no longer used only for communication, but also as GPS units, safety devices, health monitors, distance trackers, cameras, video recorders, calendars, and so much more.  It’s no wonder most people can’t leave home without it! 

However, both the size and the cost, of a cellular device continues to climb.  With some phones costing upwards of $1,000, and some phones being over 6 inches in height, it makes bringing it along with an inconvenient and stressful endeavor. Too big to fit in pockets, too expensive to risk losing in hand, having a secure and convenient place to store it is in higher demand than ever. While daily carry might only involve placing a cell phone in a purse or pocket, certain scenarios require more advanced cell phone holders. Thankfully, there is the RoosterWrap.  Securely fastened to the chest, carrying a device is more convenient than ever. Below are the 10 scenarios where RoosterWrap can improve a mobile life!  

more advanced cell phone holders 


One of the most common ways to use the RoosterWrap is when running.   It’s not only a safety device but also an MP3 player, distance tracker, and calorie counter.  With such a large array of benefits, it’s no wonder athletes don’t want to leave it behind. However, determining what to do with the device when on the go has always been the challenge.  It’s uncomfortable in hand, risky in a pocket, and too inconvenient to put into a backpack.  Thankfully, there is now a better alternative to holding a cell phone while running 

Running with a cell phone has never been easier. The RoosterWrap keeps the phone secure to the chest while running, without chafing the skin or bouncing off the body.  It also keeps it accessible so athletes are still able to skip songs, check their distance, or take an urgent text message.

Working Out 

Weight lifters use their phones to track their workouts as well.  It’s a great way to monitor repetitions, rest periods, record PR’s, follow a workout program, and of course play music.   

However, most of the time the phone will be tucked under a bench, on the ground, or simply left on the open gym floor. This leaves the phone susceptible to being walked on, damaged, and very dirty.     

The RoosterWrap eliminates these issues by keeping it strapped to the chest. Therefore, it’s out of the way when performing vigorous lifts but convenient enough to monitor statistics. It also allows lifters to easily monitor their break times, record their reps, and adjust their music without taking it off their arm in the case of a cell phone armband.   

Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is another popular activity that can benefit from the RoosterWrap. Taking a selfie during a climb is no longer an issue. With the RoosterWrap, the phone is securely fastened to the chest, rather than packed in a backpack or stored in a pocket. It’s secure enough to assure it won’t fall to its destruction while be flexible enough to use when needed.   

For rock climbers, this means having their phone, video, and safety all in one convenient place. Thanks to the RoosterWrap, taking a cell phone on a climb has never been easier.


Next on the list is hiking. The RoosterWrap is a perfect solution for those long and challenging hikes that require full use of the arms and legs.  Whether hiking up a mountain or meandering through the backwoods, the phone is securely and easily strapped to the body. No more backtracking for a lost device or dealing with sweaty palms from carrying it all day. 


Just like with running, lifting and hiking, the benefit of bringing a cell phone along during a bicycle ride is endless.  It’s a great way to track distance, calories, speed, and to play music. Attached to the chest, it’s not even noticeable, yet convenient enough to use it while on the ride.  

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiers and Snowboarders will either put their phone in the lodge or in their pocket, neither places being ideal. With the phone in the lodge its inaccessible. This means no videos, no photos with friends, and no communication with the rest of the group.  With the phone in a pocket, it’s susceptible to falling out and becoming lost, or simply being an annoyance. 

With RoosterWrap, it’s secured to the chest under your heavy jacket, and ready to go when a group photo is needed! 


Snowmobile, four wheeler, and dirt bike owners can rest at ease knowing their cell phone is secure and accessible during the ride. Used as a radio, safety device, and GPS, the cell phone is a must for all off-road events. Unfortunately, storing a phone on one of these devices can be a hassle and keeping it in a pocket can be risky.  

For those who bring it for a radio, having the phone in a pocket or on the arm with a cell phone armband can be an annoyance. When wearing headphones, the wrong move can pull the buds out of the ear during a ride, leaving an uncomfortable situation and no music. 

Thankfully, RoosterWrap eliminates that. Secured to the chest, those headphones aren’t going anywhere.  In addition, changing a song or checking the time couldn’t be easier. Pull it off the chest for a quick glimpse knowing it won’t fall out of your hand.  


Cell phones and fishing go hand in hand. Fishermen rely heavily on their phones for safety, weather updates, photos of that trophy catch, navigation, depth charts, and so much more. It’s no wonder nearly every fisherman has lost their phone to their passion at least once in their life.   

Whether on a boat, on the ice, or wading through the water fly fishing, having a phone in a pocket is a recipe for disaster.  One wrong slip and that device will be in the water, and likely never seen again.  

That is unless RoosterWrap is in use. With RoosterWrap, the phone is securely strapped to the chest, while still keeping the phone in a convenient location. When bending over the water, pulling up a big fish, or trying to get an action shot of a friend, rest assured the phone won’t go anywhere.  


Figuring out where to stash a phone on a boat ride has been an issue nearly every boating enthusiast has experienced. If it’s kept in a pocket it could be lost over open water. If it’s left in a compartment, it’s no longer convenient to use. If it’s kept anywhere on the boat it could risk getting wet. Therefore, what better way to store than securely to the chest?  

Bending over the water to grab that fish? No worries, the RoosterWrap will make sure it’s securely fastened to the chest.  This even makes getting action shots easier! 


Hunters can also benefit from using the RoosterWrap.  With the recent inception of hunting apps that help navigate the wilderness, phones have become more applicable than ever in the hunting world.  Not to mention, phones also store data (i.e. trail cam photos, notes, GPS points), take photos of trophies, and like with every adventure on this list, work as a safety device.  

With RoosterWrap, carrying a phone while hunting has never been more convenient.  Strapped to the chest, the RoosterWrap cell phone holder allows easy access to the GPS, apps such as OnX maps or HuntStand, and the camera to grab that quick video or photo.  Best of all, it won’t be dropped on a hike or fall out of the stand!  

The Ultimate Cell Phone Holder 

The RoosterWrap is a small investment with a large return.  No more broken cell phones, inconvenient storage, or worrying about theft.  With the phone securely strapped to the chest, it’s in the perfect place to be easily accessed.   

Whether going on an adventure or performing daily tasks, the RoosterWrap cell phone holder can save time and money by keeping the phone safe and convenient for nearly any task. 

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