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roosterwrap cell phone safety harness used while running, hunting, kayaking

Has this ever happened to you...

dropped your phone or, even worse, lost it. 

RoosterWrap phone safety harness keeps your phone safely secured to your body during activities. The stretch-to-use cord keeps your phone easily accessible. Answer calls, check text messages, access music all while keeping the phone securely attached to your body. 

Woods, water, or workout, RoosterWrap protects your phone.

Record your adventures by 

turning your phone into a Body Cam.



Adam, Wisconsin

Gave the RoosterWrap a true test hiking 25+ miles in the Smokey Mountains and never had to worry about where my phone was, try to dig it out of a backpack or pocket to take pictures, and allowed me to safely video parts of our hike.


Katie, Missouri

I bought the RoosterWrap about a month ago and it is exactly what I have been searching for!!!! I run on the Katy Trail State Park in Missouri and had been complaining to my husband about taking my phone along. I had tried an arm band to put my phone in but it was hard to see my phone and was also uncomfortable. I tried several running bands to go around my waist but when I would see a beautiful sunrise I would spend so much time trying to get my phone back in before continuing my run. My husband saw the RoosterWrap on a commercial on one of the hunting channels he watches. I took a chance and have just loved it!!!!! Thank you RoosterWrap!!!!

You Rock!!!!!

back of runner.jpg

Harry, Kentucky

My spinal condition makes it easy for me to fall. The only product that I have found on the market today that holds my phone safe and secure is the Roosterwrap. PERIOD. Never moves. Another great plus is with the Roosterwrap I can use my phone hands free. If everyone knew just what it's like to have Rheumatoid arthritis then they all would understand why I can't say enough good things about it. In my opinion it's better than one of those buttons that you wear that lets you talk to a stranger the Roosterwrap allows me to talk to who I need to talk to. Why, because my phone is where it should be, on my Roosterwrap. Can't say enough good things about it. Haven't even said anything about the service ya'll give after the purchase. Just as great. Thank ya'll so very much for both, the great product that helps me continue to live by myself and the service after the purchase. Have a blessed life.

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